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  Is Prime MRM right for all Chambers of Commerce?

Although Prime MRM has some specific functionality geared towards Chambers of Commerce and Business Networking Groups, Prime MRM is right for any organization that is looking to manage their membership almost in its entirety, drive business to members and dramatically increase non-dues related revenue to the organization.

  Do I need anything special aside from a merchant account to accept credit card payments?

With Prime MRM you do need a merchant account and an online payment gateway such as which is one of the largest and most secure services available. Our client services staff will help you receive payments online in no time and painless, guaranteed.

  Prime MRM seems to fit as an Intranet Site. Is this possible?

Yes, Prime MRM is a perfect fit as a corporate Intranet or Extranet. It combines CMS (Content Management System) with a secure internal community atmosphere greatly contributing to team building and recognition.  From managing training schedules

  How much does Prime MRM cost?

Prime MRM has a tiered pricing structure starting at $99.00/Mo. so you will not spend more than your organization can afford while providing the feature functionality you expect.

  My organization is regional. Does Prime MRM handle chapters?

Absolutely, with Prime MRM you can define chapters by virtually any designating factor.

  How many members do you need in your organization for Prime MRM to pay for itself?

With Prime MRM's flexible pricing model there are virtually no minimums and absolutely no maximums which are off the ROI scale.

  What happens to my existing website? We recently had it redesigned, can I keep it?

Your existing website can be transferred to the new location or you can link your existing website to Prime MRM. There is no additional cost for hosting your existing website, it is included in the subscription.

  One of our members takes care of all our web design and graphics work. If we subscribe to Prime MRM am I forced to discontinue using them?

Absolutely not, when you subscribe to Prime MRM you are given a dedicated website with a dedicated IP address. There is no shared code between subscribers. You are also given full access to the presentation layer source code to modify as you wish. You can even create your own programming objects and add them to the site for your custom use. 

  How is the online purchasing security handled?

When you subscribe to Prime MRM you can transfer your existing SSL certificate to our server or apply for a new certificate if you do not have one.

  I am currently subscribed to a semi-competitive product. Do you offer competitive conversion pricing deals?

In a word, YES. Although we feel Prime MRM stands above the possible competition. We offer great incentives including possible contract buyouts in order to help facilitate your coming aboard.

  I can't wait to get going. How long does it take to convert my data and get up and running?

In even the most complex conversions generally will take no longer than a week. We are certified database experts and will make short work converting you from other systems or even spreadsheets.




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