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Member Benefits 

   Members can be Seen as well as Heard
Members will greatly appreciate the intuitive, full-featured membership search engine. Prime MRM is the first known implementation of a true scavenging search engine embedded as part of a comprehensive management solution. This revolutionary new approach to member interaction will soon be the defacto standard in which many other software vendors will stride to keep up.

This search engine searches the memberís entire internet website or a single webpage, at your direction and stores all the pertinent subject matter in an efficient Microsoft SQL database.

When a user searches for a term, name phrase the engine quickly finds the most relevant matches from both the member internet websites and the membership database, rates the findings and presents the end user with the formatted results.

Members and can upload an array of personalized advertisement items to help get their message out.

Member organization gets one each of the following:

  • Company Profile page

  • Upload their brochure/coupon book/flyer

  • Upload their company logo

  • Upload a company audio commercial

  • Upload a company video commercial

Member contacts/Reps. get one each of the following:

  • Personal Profile page

  • Upload their personal brochure, flyer or coupon

  • Upload their personal photograph or headshot

  • Upload a personal audio commercial

  • Upload a personal video commercial

   Visitor Tracking Reports
Members can pull down statistical information regarding how, when and why they are being viewed within the website. These reports include extremely valuable information in an on demand format. Members can quickly adjust their listing and website to help create the best alignment between their strategic intent, measurable goals and deliverables.

   Members Only Features
Members are given access to privately held pages once logged into the website. These pages are created by you with any topic and content you wish. Among these pages are the website homepages that, not only be visible for members only but also scheduled to appear and not appear based on a date or date range.

   Members Can Quickly Purchase Sponsorship Opportunities
When a member is viewing upcoming events they are able to easily purchase attendance and sponsorship offerings as easily as registering for the event itself.

   Take Control
Members have complete control of their membership, subscriptions and tools to acquire new business and get their message out.

  Ease of use
Members can register online for events, purchase sponsorships, receive reminders and updates like no other product available today.

  Committee Communication
The E-mail Marketing module not only allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects more effectively, if you are a chair or organizer of a committee, task group or project you are given rights to communicate through the system .



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