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Photo Gallery

Nothing describes an event better than photos.

The Prime MRM Photo Gallery offers an easy to use, intuitive way to view, manage, and refine your photos. A streamlined process simplifies acquiring and importing images, and new organizational options make it easier to control your memories. The Photo Gallery can operate securely for members only or in full public view, it is your decision. We have been building dynamic, database driven Photo Galleries for non-profits and commercial applications for many years.

Best of all... There is no additional charges, the full featured Photo Gallery is included in your subscription.

Organize your photos in many ways

You have complete freedom to organize as many photo galleries as you like in many ways such as by event, subject matter, photo contests, committees, geography, etc... You may also link to a gallery or galleries or even photos by a specific member.

Automatic Cropping, photo resizing

We seamlessly take care of this for you. resizing your images to 5 different size images are all performed for you automatically. To ensure your web pages load quickly for visitors it is essential to serve the correctly sized image to the visistor. Prime MRM creats all the proper size images needed and also archives the original image for future reference.

Embedded Watermarks
ave your site name embedded right into the photo to gain maximum exposure. you decide the appearance attributes such as font size, color, position, bold as well as shadowing options.

Acquiring photos from members

Site visitors & members can submit/upload their own photos to a gallery in which require your approval in order to be visible on the website. The approval / Denial process is a quick and easy one step action.

Your in control of your gallery preferences

The administration console contains all the tools you need to customize the photo gallery layout and functionality. From the featured photos to the size of every image displayed to the amount of images per page and more are defined in a simple, straight forward preferences section. As usual with Prime MRM there is no shared website code or databases. Your website and data are always secure.

Slideshows, Send to a Friend & Printer friendly pages

These features round out the Prime MRM Photo Gallery. Visitors can easily get a printer friendly version of a photo in a well formatted document.

Importing Bulk photos

Prime MRM makes quick work of importing many photos at once to a specific gallery. once the images are transferred to the wibsite, a title and a selection of where to assign them is all it takes. It typically takes one minute to bulk import, resize (5 ways), watermark and categorize 100 digital camera photos. This extremely efficient process




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