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Staff Benefits 

  Prime MRM is a true Internet browser based product allowing you to work from anywhere securely. You can work from the office, from home, hotel rooms, etc...

  The E-mail marketing module interfaces with the events calendar allowing you to schedule and/or send daily, weekly, monthly or periodic event schedules or sponsorship opportunities to your prospect E-mail recipients as well as your membership. This makes communications so much easier.

  No more manually processing credit card payments that can take hours out of your day. The enterprise class payment processing system allows members to pay online at time of order, after they have been invoiced and on recurring schedules you perform.

  Members as well as non-members can sign up, register for an event as well as pay online for that event, request reminders and reminder updates automated so you can basically set-it and forget-it giving you piece of mind.

  Visitors can get most all the information they need without having to take up your time enabling you to focus on more pressing or profitable tasks.

  The Prime Directory Search Engine is an enterprise class search engine & directory which performs more useful tasks than any other typical "membership directory" on the chamber and business development group market.

  The E-mail Marketing module not only allows you to communicate with your membership more effectively, it also allows members to communicate with their customers and prospects while benefiting the organization financially.

  Self sponsorship sign-ups get your message out quickly and accurately. You can send a mass communication to your member base and from that E-mail members can directly signup for the creative sponsorship opportunities available.

  All credit card information is validated at time of booking to help eliminate embarrassing phone calls to inform members that their credit card was not valid or chargeable.

  No more manually processing credit card payments that can take hours out of your day.



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