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Package Features & Pricing

Multiple hosting Options Available

When subscribing to Prime MRM you may choose from the following hosting solutions. In all cases each client is logically separated and securely configured to ensure the proper level of privacy.  Since we own and operate the datacenter ourselves your data security is never out of our hands. No matter what your choice, each is a feature-packed, secure solution. In all cases you are given developer access to your application/website which gives you the most flexible and creative solution on the market.

Shared Hosting: Your application is hosted on our shared servers along with a number of other subscribers.  Your database and website are not shared with any other client, just the machinery in which is resides.  This is the most popular choice among subscribers.  Depending upon the number of members in an organization, we may upgrade you as needed to a semi-shared or dedicated solution in order to keep you operating at maximum performance.

Dedicated Hosting: Your application is the only application installed on a server or group of servers.  This option would generally be chosen when your organization has specific privacy requirements to meet or you will need to perform a great deal of custom development and you require other applications of yours to also run on the same server.

In-house (Turn-key): You are provided with a complete solution installed on one or more servers that you would integrate into your existing network environment.

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  Shared Dedicated In-house
Enterprise Class Database System
Membership Relationship Management Console

Member and Contact Management

Prospective Member Management

Member & Contact Demographics Builder

Renewing Membership and Subscription System
Custom Member Demographics Builder
Blog Manager Module
Message Board \ Guestbook Module
Committee, Project & Task Group Module
Multi-media Membership Search Engine
Advanced E-mail Marketing Module
Online Member Signup, Renewal & Bill Payment
Opt-in Newsletter Subscriptions Manager
Self Service Online Member Maintenance
Event Planning and Management System
Online Events Calendar & Registration
Full Featured Photo Gallery
Notification and Alert Module for Events & Billing
Built-in Reporting & Designer System
Self Service Website Content (CMS) Editor
Web Site Visibility & Visitor Tracking Report Suite
Directory Media & Commercials
Online & Offline Credit Card Payment Processing
Training & 24 x 7 Technical Support
Invoice Generation for Mailing via E-mail & USPS
Event Newsletter E-mail Integration
Scheduled Public & Private Homepages
Members Only Personal Webpage Designer
Webmaster/Developer Access to Site Code
Database Access through Web Services Advanced Integration
"Powered by Prime MRM" footer link removal -
Complex Member type and Member Level Designer
Local/Regional Memorization feature
Intrasite Messaging System for Members
Message Board - Forum Module
E-Commerce shopping Cart /member discounts
Document Library
Content Management System (CMS)
One Time Setup & Configuration Fees:          



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Monthly Subscription Fees

Number of Registered Member Orgs.

Monthly Fee

Per Member

Total Expense Per Member

0 - 100 $99.00 $0.25 1.24
101 - 500 $199.00 $0.20 0.59
501 - 1000 $199.00 $0.19 0.38
1,001 - 2,000 $199.00 $0.18 0.27
2,001 - 3,000 $199.00 $0.16 0.23
3,001 - 4,000 $199.00 $0.15 0.20
4,001 - 5,000 $399.00 $0.12 0.19
5,001 - 7,500 $699.00 $0.10 0.19
7,501 - 10,000 $999.00 $0.09 0.18
10,001 - 20,000 $1,899.00 $0.08 0.17
20,001 - 30,000 $2,899.00 $0.07 0.16
30,001 - 40,000 $3,899.00 $0.06 0.15
30,001 - 40,000 $3,899.00 $0.05 0.14
50,000 + Call <0.13
Monthly Subscription Fees are flat monthly fees based on total membership Organization  records that have an Active Status.  Pricing may be adjusted to conform to your specific business model or practice.

Additional Inclusions

  • Member Organizations may have an unlimited number of contacts/representatives with no additional charges.
  • Hosted solutions include website hosting and up to 10 E-mail mailboxes & unlimited aliases.
  • Monthly Subscription Fees are flat monthly fees based on total active status membership records.
  • Additional licensing fees and/or charges may apply to dedicated and in-house solutions .
  • There are no per-user fees for the administration console up to 200 staff users.
  • Competitive product upgrade pricing available.
  • Competitor upgrade contract buy-outs available.
  • Contract pricing available upon request.
  • Data conversion, setup, training and additional development costs can be incorporated into your monthly subscription to help eliminate up front investment.

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