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People are saying great things ...

"We need this!!!  Call "name withheld" at my chamber and show him this product, whatever system we are on is nothing like this."

This is a very typical response when the Prime MRM system is briefly demonstrated to members of a Chamber of Commerce. Prime MRM system is born from the direct needs and wants of the members themselves. Happy members drive increased membership sign-ups, we here at Prime MRM are devoted to providing you with the features and functionality to enhance your membership satisfaction and buy-in.

"The fact that it is an affordable, monthly subscription"

The all-in-one, straight forward pricing structure includes all features and functionality. There is no bait and switch or lost leaders. Peace of mind is what you get from Prime MRM.

"The site can actually generate revenue with the dynamic home pages, E-mail marketing and audio/video services"

There is a very simple methodology, Subscribe to Prime MRM and immediately begin dramatically increasing your non-dues revenue. Its that easy!  The dynamic home pages eliminate the need for event preparation tasks waiting to the last minute.  Call today for a personal demonstration.

"The event registration process is streamlined"

Our Microsoft Outlook style event calendar is designed to be as user-friendly and familiar to use as the applications you use everyday.  You may register or sponsor an event online in a matter of seconds, safely and securely.

"The "join now" feature is a great way to eliminate all of the paperwork currently involved with a new registrant."

Studies show that collecting the proper amount of information in the proper doses greatly increase you online membership signings. Prime MRM has paid attention to these findings and has implemented in line with those findings to ensure maximum effectiveness.

"The directory is like nothing else on the market I have ever seen"

The Prime Directory Search engine along with the enhancements specifically built for Prime MRM clearly will increase the member to member and public to member business activity by truely expressing the capabilities of each and every member.



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